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Alsgotgame (@Slammed_Dc5) Bagged Pic Update *7/6/15*

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  • Classic Woodgrain Shift knob
  • Red Recaro door inserts
  • Dc5r Red Recaros
  • Nrg hub and quick release
  • Grip Royal Classic Wood Grain Steering wheel
  • Buddy club short shifter box
  • Double din Jvc Radio
  • 4pt Takata Harnesses
  • Partially gutted rear

  • Fresh NHBP paint (2013)
  • 05-06 Front Conversion
  • Type R Front and Rear Badges
  • Mugen lip kit - minus sideskirts
  • Type R Spoiler
  • Neochrome Front Tow Hook
  • 8000k Hids
  • Nokya Hyper Yellow High Beams
  • Nokya Hpyer Amber Turn Signals
  • Yellow Fog lights
  • Tinted windows
  • Taillight redouts
  • Blackworks quick release bumper tabs

Suspension and Wheels
  • D2 Air Suspension
  • Da Vinci Custom Inner Tie Rods
  • T1R V2 Inverted Outer Tie rods
  • SPC Rear Camber Arms
  • 18x9.5/10.5 Ssr Sp1's
  • Front camber set at -3degrees
  • Rear Camber set at -8degrees
  • Removed fenderliners

  • Mugen Upper Strut Bar
  • Custom Shorty Intake
  • Rbc Intake Manifold
  • Hondata IMG
  • Kpro (Tuned by Morris)
  • Mpc Fuelrail and Blackworks fuel pressure Guage
  • DcSports 4-2-1 Race header
  • Borla header back
  • Tuck in progress
  • Hood Dampers
  • Type R Spark Plug cover
  • Spoon Resivour Covers

This is how it sits as of now:

NOW... on to all the rice stages ive been through!

Bought bone stock then picked up my black drifz wheels
July 2011

Next I got my hands on some black out head lights and the type r spoiler!

Then came the 02-04 yellow foglights and the Vtec Stickers :shakehead lol

As i was sitting in my car to go into the store I Literally wantched someone back straight into my font end :stop:
With the insurance money I decided to convert the front end to 05-06
with the 05-06 yellow fogs and the p1 front lip
but soon ran out of money and couldnt afford to paint it...
at the same time I traded off my drifz wheels for some Ruff racing 045's
and dropped the car on comptech lowering springs

Then even before I could even paint it...another wreck with a curb at about 60mph....busted wheel, lower control arm, axel, spindle, fender and tire :firemad:

Then the 2 hour long tow ride home from Clemson
**YES the front tow hook was the only thing that pulled me onto the flatbed**

Fixed it once again and traded off the Ruff Racing wheels for some 05-06 Type S Stockies, Also picked up D2 full coilovers and went a good bit lower!
Still couldn't afford paint once again :shakehead

Traded off the 05-06 Type s Wheels for some dark purple xxr 522's and finally sent the car off to paint !!! :run:

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nice progress. I started laughing to myself everytime you said "traded off" in regards to your wheels. That's alot of trading going on.
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