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Alsgotgame (@Slammed_Dc5) Bagged Pic Update *7/6/15*

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  • Classic Woodgrain Shift knob
  • Red Recaro door inserts
  • Dc5r Red Recaros
  • Nrg hub and quick release
  • Grip Royal Classic Wood Grain Steering wheel
  • Buddy club short shifter box
  • Double din Jvc Radio
  • 4pt Takata Harnesses
  • Partially gutted rear

  • Fresh NHBP paint (2013)
  • 05-06 Front Conversion
  • Type R Front and Rear Badges
  • Mugen lip kit - minus sideskirts
  • Type R Spoiler
  • Neochrome Front Tow Hook
  • 8000k Hids
  • Nokya Hyper Yellow High Beams
  • Nokya Hpyer Amber Turn Signals
  • Yellow Fog lights
  • Tinted windows
  • Taillight redouts
  • Blackworks quick release bumper tabs

Suspension and Wheels
  • D2 Air Suspension
  • Da Vinci Custom Inner Tie Rods
  • T1R V2 Inverted Outer Tie rods
  • SPC Rear Camber Arms
  • 18x9.5/10.5 Ssr Sp1's
  • Front camber set at -3degrees
  • Rear Camber set at -8degrees
  • Removed fenderliners

  • Mugen Upper Strut Bar
  • Custom Shorty Intake
  • Rbc Intake Manifold
  • Hondata IMG
  • Kpro (Tuned by Morris)
  • Mpc Fuelrail and Blackworks fuel pressure Guage
  • DcSports 4-2-1 Race header
  • Borla header back
  • Tuck in progress
  • Hood Dampers
  • Type R Spark Plug cover
  • Spoon Resivour Covers

This is how it sits as of now:

NOW... on to all the rice stages ive been through!

Bought bone stock then picked up my black drifz wheels
July 2011

Next I got my hands on some black out head lights and the type r spoiler!

Then came the 02-04 yellow foglights and the Vtec Stickers :shakehead lol

As i was sitting in my car to go into the store I Literally wantched someone back straight into my font end :stop:
With the insurance money I decided to convert the front end to 05-06
with the 05-06 yellow fogs and the p1 front lip
but soon ran out of money and couldnt afford to paint it...
at the same time I traded off my drifz wheels for some Ruff racing 045's
and dropped the car on comptech lowering springs

Then even before I could even paint it...another wreck with a curb at about 60mph....busted wheel, lower control arm, axel, spindle, fender and tire :firemad:

Then the 2 hour long tow ride home from Clemson
**YES the front tow hook was the only thing that pulled me onto the flatbed**

Fixed it once again and traded off the Ruff Racing wheels for some 05-06 Type S Stockies, Also picked up D2 full coilovers and went a good bit lower!
Still couldn't afford paint once again :shakehead

Traded off the 05-06 Type s Wheels for some dark purple xxr 522's and finally sent the car off to paint !!! :run:

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Then on to my first attempt at the stance game and it was horrible....
I traded off the xxr's for some 18x9.5 Konig lightings :ugh:

I knew right away it was time to get rid of the konigs and luckily
traded them off for my Varrstoen Es1's

Then i got my hands on some goodies... my Dc5r Red recaros and Grip Royal
Classic Wood grain steering wheel

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Finally I popped the hood and got to work, picked up a Prc mani then an Rbc mani
my 4-2-1 header and Kpro!

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Came across a Mugen 1st gen upper strut ata carshow and couldn't resist!
Deleted the cruise cable, tucked the throttle cable (thanks spaz :shady:)
and installed the fuel rail and gauge

Uploaded with

Then got so tired of my prop getting wedged between the radiator support and rbc it was time for hood dampers!

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Recent photos as of 10/13/13

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Last Picture I took of the old setup!

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NEW AS OF October 19, 2013

WORK REZAX 17x10/11



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oh yea it has.... all over the course of only two years
love the 06 front with the 02 looks good man. personally liked the 06 type s wheels the best
Thanks! :thumbsup: They were a favorite of mine also but had to break away from the stock look!

Nice progress

sweet progress :thumbsup:

nice progress. I started laughing to myself everytime you said "traded off" in regards to your wheels. That's alot of trading going on.
thanks! Yea im a bit of a wheel whore lmao could never keep the same look always wanting something different... NEW WHEELS COME IN SATURDAY :giggity:

herrrafrush, car looks clean keep it up
thanks man! :thumbsup:
Not my cup of tea but looks good.

Its not for everyone, but thanks man! :thumbsup:
God Damn bro!!! :eek:
one of the nicest rsx's ive seen
Thats what I like to hear... :beerchug: thanks for the love!!
You going to IA Homecoming?
Thats the plan its only 7 hours for me! :vtec: Im trying my best to bring along a good bit of NvUS members with me going out there? Only thing is i have to work that following Monday so i dont know how long we wolud be able to attend :thumbsdow
Saw this at echm. Faking the funk on the wheels and had some haggard ass positive camber in the front on one side.

Oh and your "jdm" fogs. lolol
I looked for varrstoen centercaps but decided not to buy them, if you would have came and introduced yourself i would told you (like everyone else) they were fake and came this way in the trade :thumbsup: no worries though my new set will be in within the next few days
very clean! NvUS represent! :)
thanks brother :beerchug:
You are lucky AF. I hit a curb at 35 mph air bags deployed and back left lca and surrounding subframe was bent = 8k fix from ins = total car for me. Wicked ride though i'm glad you glad they didnt screw u over.
Damn sorry to hear man!

looks clean man, specs on wheels?
thanks man 18x9.5 +30 but theyre gone as of yesterday

Looks great ! Remember seeing this at the ECHM
oh i remember your beautiful car too man! hope to see you out there again next year!

good work in putting her together bro :thumbsup:
thanks man, shes been through hell and back lmao :thumbsup:
dude im in love with your setup.. so damn classy. Cant wait to see what you have coming up next.
thanks man i loved it really mad at myself for selling them the minuete my new setup came in! :deadhorse but im wanting to reveal the new setup since i finshed the fitment yesterday but im trying my hardest to wait til 2014 :noes:
This is always hard to do no matter what it is lol
I know lol and its killing me 2014 is still far away!
Ill be going to Import Alliance in Tennesee this saturday and sunday!! Come check out the new works and say whats up, love meeting fellow clubrsx members :giggity:

17x10/11 Work Rezax

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I just dont understand the point????
I can't even imagine "driving" that.

Im getting mad love at shows, and just wait until you see that ASS ive have finshed editing the pictures yet... also it drives ok-ish BUT I WENT FORM> FUNCTION
:thumbsup: I love breaking knecks everywhere I go now
those wheels are dope. 17x11 is insane
thanks man it was deff tough to get the fitment right

Some hella dish! Nice wheels... you wheel whore :)
:run: Thanks spaz, I always followed and love your build! And im really starting to realizing I have a wheel problem :rotfl:

do your fender liners rub or yu removed them??
Been removed for a while, once i slammed my car on type s stockies i ate through them lol
nice progression.
appreciate it man!
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