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A previous client contacted me and informed me he recently acquired a 2009 Murcielago Lp-640 and wanted "the full treatment". After inspection, we decided that the car needed a complete removal of the paint protection film. This was needed to bring back any real appearance to the LP-640. In addition to a full correction, a leatherique treatment would need to be done in order to restore this car. As a final choice, the client decided on coating the car with Cquartz Finest. It is a really wonderful coating that is amazing to work with.

Here you can see how yellow the film has turned.

Removing the old film was less than fun. Using a steamer and a few hours were enough to get it all off. I put on gloves only after my fingers started to tingle.

Now that the film is off and bunched you can see how yellow it was.

Custom painted from Lamborghini. Apparently, this is one very unique Murci, it has a unique interior and a custom color.

Although a 2009 there were still wetsanding marks throughout the paint. I guess being custom doesn't mean it was finished down perfectly.

50/50 of the correction rate I was able to achieve. I would say this paint got about 95% correction. There were some sanding marks right on the edges I didn't feel safe correcting so some deeper ones were left. I used my Rupes 21 Bigfoot and my Rupes 15 for this correction. Initially I started with a MF pad and some 105, and followed up with some 205 on a Rupes white pad.

All of the black trim areas got corrected, I didn't push too hard on these.

After all of the compounding and polishing there was quite a bit of dust, the car also needed a wash to ensure all of the oils were removed.

In addition to the paint correction, we were doing a full Leatherique treatment. The leather was dry and just wasn't clean looking.

After about 14 hours of the rejuvinator oil sitting on the surface, I followed with Prestine clean using a warm moist MF towel to bring back that soft supple leather.

After the wash I did a full eraser wipe down. This was followed by Cquartz Finest being applied.

It is always important to secure the Finest Sticker in an area that most people will see it yet hidden. If the dealership doesn't see this sticker then the tag I made up for him hanging from the rearview mirror will.

Remember all that yellowing film, it has now been replaced with fresh perfect film, thanks to leeberbs! I could look at this sucker all day.

As always thanks for looking Greg Gellas :)

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