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I have a 2006 Acura RSX Type-S that is probably the gayest car on this forum, but it has been a labour of love and I enjoy driving this car ever since I bought it in October of 2012

Retrofitted OEM 05-06 head lamps
Morimoto Mini H1's in Gatling Shrouds
Watery tail lamps

A-Spec centre console and vent surrounds
"JDM" Coin holder
JDM dirt

Honda valve cover painted purple
Downstar VC Spikes
sweat bands for resevoirs, cause I'm that fast
JDM dust

Wheels, tires, suspension:
Stock Type-S wheels
Function and Form type 1 coilovers
K-sport rear camber arms
SBC front camber bolts

Now onto the pictures (ranging from oldest to newest)

When I first purchased the and installed HID's and my fog lamps..

After a few months of that I made the dreaded skunk2 mistake almost all of us have made before, plus a small, impromptu "photoshoot" with a mates Prelude..

Once I got tired of the bounce and horrible ride quality of the lowering springs, I bought the coilovers.. Some photos of the install, after install and alignment

That rear camber is disgusting

Then off to get an alignment

Then for the last mod I have done in ages, retros...

Head lamps off, this is how the car sat in the meanwhile

Finished product.

Also, got my windows tinted. 10% all around and 35% windscreen

Thank you for reading this boring thread! More pictures to come later and I start to get more mods in/on the car :thumbsup:

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-1 for pics being bigger than my screen..

:lawl: jk.

I :love: you

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Honestly, I got tired of the look. I've always wanted one with my Civic (the black one at the top with the shit paint) Finally found one locally and more often than not, it just looked like a panel that needed paint and you couldn't see the weave.

Plus, where I live we get a lot of crosswinds. I work on the beach so when those winds would come across it would look like it was going to lift off
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