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Watkins Glen opening weekend will be this April 26th. So I'm curious who on the board who will be here?

I have a bunch of K-series owners showing up and going down to it. If anybody wants to crash at my place Saturday night, you're more than welcome.

April 26th agenda

-Wake up early at around 7-8am to head to Watkins Glen Raceway to wait in line for three laps @ $20/vehicle.

-Average speed is well above 60mph in previous years, especially in the straightaways. Check the vids below to see an example.

-Finish in the far parking/pit garage area where we'll flick off the Vettes and Porsche guys who barely do 50mph. All laps end at 3pm, so plenty of time to jump back out on the road to head home.

-If there is time afterwards, I think we should hit the old track (on public roads) to see where the orginal race took place, and it is scenic to boot.

Basic outlay of the track. The boot will be open for this event.

There will be a photographer set up here and will take a digital of each and every car that goes by.

Historic drive over the old stone bridge on the original Watkins Glen Raceway.

We will be driving this before we go to the current Watkins Glen race track...

We'll tour the old 1948 Watkins Glen course.:msmile:,0.110035&t=h&z=13&om=1

Opening Day track video. These are the typical Pace Car laps, if you want an idea of speed.

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damnit, had i known about this i would have went.

how was it for those that went to it
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