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Don't know what good this post is but just thought I'd share. While I was at a local performace shop getting some prices, I take a look in the back and see a RSX Type S getting some work done to it. I found this interesting since I own a Type S also and ask my boy who works there what it was getting done. He comes to tell me that its getting a turbo kit installed and I was like cool. He also tells me that the car has under 3000 miles on it. Isn't that kinda early for a turbo kit? Anyway, I asked my boy if it was a greddy, cybernations kit or what.... he tells me that the kid bought everything separate (somewhat custom).

Turbo looked pretty big and a nice size front mount intercooler. It didn't look like he was doing internals to it so I don't know how much boost he's going to be running with such a big turbo. Like I said this post is kinda pointless without pics or anything...Hell, its not even my car. But if the owner is on here I hope everything goes well :thumbsup: Good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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