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I've been slowly piecing together my 05' RSX Type S for the last 3 years. Finally making good ground and want to ask before committing to a specific ECU. Plan to run an Innovate PSN-1 Nitrous/AFR gauge that has a bunch of neat fail safes built into it's programming which should help keep things safe. Any personal experience on the subject will be greatly appreciated

I'd really like to run Ktuner as it's the clear option for price and relative function. I've read every "VS" thread out there, so that's not what this is. But are the lack of input/outputs an issue later if I were to *fantasy land* throw a Rotrex on and want to retain full nitrous functions with switches,gauges, sensors, etc... Or decide on building an animal, running a dual stage 250 shot and all of a sudden need EGT sensors?!

For my continued application in the nitrous realm and potential interest in future endeavors, does your experience help me sleep at night?

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