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Anybody using aftermarket universal O2 sensor?

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there are O2 sensors out there that have no connectors and is just the sensor and wires hanging out. which cost about ~60 instead of ~200

i was wondering if anyone has replaced their damaged O2 sensors with these, with just the wires crimped to the old connectors.

need to replace mine and just wondering if anyone has any info. as in if they've tried it and if it worked. if it worked, which one did you buy and where?

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Some people on the boards have tried this, I don't believe the results are very positive. It's not the wiring, it's the quality of the sensor.
Ill answer this thread then we can close it.

For a primary please only buy denso/ngk, its a wide band sensor for OEM and u only want to get an OEM front sensor. check

For the secondary well a universal sensor will do, you just have to make sure u get the wires correctly, u can buy a walker secondary for 100$ on that side and the universal is 60ish, i didnt want to bother with wiring so i bought it for 100$ w/free shipping
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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