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Well I've never been to NY but auto carwashes are the same anywhere. For a carwash to be touchless it has to have some pretty strong cleaners in it to remove the dirt--right?:dontknow:

There fore it seems reasonable that these harsh cleaners will indeed strip the wax off in a very short amount of time:eek: .

Case in point--A friend of mine took his red Chevy Blazer through a good quality touchless car wash and two days later the paint had turned pink from the chemicals. I took 4 hours to buff the paint out and polish it to get the red back.

Seems like the best solution is to hand wash the car and use a dedicated car wash soap or shampoo (Like Meguiars Gold Class).

It is truely the only way to get your car clean.:thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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