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Hi I just installed a CAI, Comptech Header, Test Pipe and Comptech exhaust.

For my next mod I was considering Hondata #4, but something tuneable seems like a better idea. So I passed by a local shop to get some ideas:

1. S-VAFC II Install and Tuning for $250 (does not include the actual unit)

2. AEM Engine Managment (Not sure what this is but it was pretty expensive)

3. Hondata #4 with S-VAFCII

4. Hondata K-Pro

The best idea to me seemed like just getting the S-VAFC II and getting that tuned, probably the best Performance/Price Ratio

The K-Pro seems like a better idea but I heard there isn't anyone in South Florida that knows how to tune it. And another reason why I don't like hondata too much is because my stock ecu needs to be modified.

What do you guys think is the best option and why?

Also, I'm not planning on getting to many other mods so what I listed above should be what I'll have for a while.

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