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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen :)

I finally bought my Zaino stuff (Z1, Z2, Z5, Z7, Claybar)

I especially bought this zaino stuff to remove swirl marks on my hood, which came from dealership when they washed the car i suppose.
I did Wash >Claybar > Z1 > Z5 > Z5
So far, I have applied 2 coats of Z5, and I still see a lot of swirls.
My question is:
When I apply the Z5, should there be "white stuff" remaining on the hood. By white stuff, I refer to the remainings from the Z5 application, or should it be clear ?

I know it says to use sparingly, but it's my first time applying it, so I dont know if when I apply it, if I should "see" the polish remain on my hood (which has kind of a white color), or if it should be almost transparent.

And then, I just wipe it off once dry.

I hope those swirl marks come off ... and I cant wait to apply Z2.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

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Like homer2 says, if you can see it, its too much. :laughing: I learned that the hard way and I still put too much on from time to time. But there should not be any residue left over when your done with it. And you should barely be able to see the polish when you apply it.

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Wow that was fast !! What was that ?? Like 2 seconds after I posted ?? hehe :D

And about your reply .... Darn it !!! :eek:

The whole car, I could see the Z5 ....
Umm, because I was applying it with very little, and the applicator is almost dry, and then I feel like it wont do it.

What is a good way to know how to apply it ??

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yup - if you can see it - use less. with black or dark blues, greys etc . .it is a tad easier to pick up where you have been - but if its really easy to see,,,,use less.

if you use to much - and it doesnt dry before you take it off (thats the only hazard) then it will smear and leave behind a residue in the pattern you wiped . . . that will come off with washing.

if you catch it early enough, just a misting with water and wiping it will help.

remember, you are NOT removing the swirls, you are hiding them. and depending on the depth etc, it MAY take several more coats.

if they are just in one area - feel free to simply apply your Z5 to that area every day if you want - or do the whole car each time - ure choice.

it is generally accepted that by layer number 10 - you are not really going to have any more impact on their visibility - and then they really arent swirls . ..

they are bordering on scratch . . . .
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