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I have a brand new Armalite upper that I was going to use to build my old lady's AR but now she wants a hand gun..

it the exactly like the one pictured below

Complete with BCG

Looking to get $580 price lowered to $550!! for it. located in stockton and sacramento

below wtt

I have my POF upper that has been sitting in my safe for a long time now it has about 1000 rounds through it.


First one is a DPMS 308 upper cut down to 20" with a custom break attached to a billet CMMG lower with Command Arms SRS Stock with POD.
Looking to get $2,000 for the complete rifle.

Next is Rossi Lever Action in the rear silver receiver. 16" barrel cambered in .45 colt.
Looking to get $490

for more info PM me but for fastest response email me [email protected]

Also have a bunch of Magpul stuff that I will post shortly here as well

Few things I'm also willing to trade for..
Built short block
Twin disk clutch
Bosch 044 inline pump
Mugen radiator duct
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