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First things first, I have an automatic 03 base rsx. One day I was driving and switching between manual mode and automatic mode. Long story short, I was stopped at a red light waiting for the green light so that I can turn left. When it did turn green I stepped on the gas to proceed, I thought I was in manual mode so I shifted up; turns out I was in automatic mode and I shifted into neutral. I got confused so I switched back into D, but i fucked up because while switching back into D I was revving the engine. The problem, I heard the transmission get slam into gear, and I guess that put a strain on the transmission. As a result, I think I messed up my first gear or second gears because when ever I step hard on the gas during those gears I hear an initial grind that smooths out as I pick up speed.

So now when Im stopped at a light and I then proceed to step hard of the gas I hear a grinding/trembling noise. If I step on the gas slowly though, the grinding is not heard whatsoever.

Any suggestion on what the problem is? and how much it will cost to fix at a shop?

I know I was being a dumb ass, so please help a brother out lol. No douche bags would be greatly be appreciated. :fistbump:

p.s- I tried looking this up on other threads but couldn't find jack, which is why I am here.
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