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Bad fuel injectors - how to diagnose if seal or fuel injector itself?

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New video by Chart Kings

k24 in my 2004 rsx type s. I think the fuel injectors are bad but not sure what I need to replace. In the video listen for the high pitched pressurized leaking sound when I pan over the injectors.

Whenever the engine is on I can also smell a gas smell. I have kpro v4 and it says its running at 14.6 air fuel ratio which I think is where its supposed to be so I dont think im running rich, im not sure why im smelling a gas smell unless my fuel injectors are bad.

The sound isn't from a belt I put my ear close to the engine and its definitely around the fuel injectors area.
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Looks wet under #3.

Why do you think they are bad? If they don't spray, clean or replace. If they leak at the rail or manifold, replace the O-rings.
ordered some orings some ebay last, hope it fixes it. it runs pretty rough rn
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