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who ahhh look at that!

Did you do any transmission upgrades and engine internal upgrades?
** never minddd

For those that don't click the link lol

Automatic RSX base model with k20a3 block/head, k20a2 rocker arms/cams, k20a2 intake manifold/TB, 10:1 forged pistons/rods, full race turbo kit using gt2871r, 3" turbo back exhaust, ID 725cc, DW drop in fuel pump and built auto trans. Tuned with Hondata Kpro on 93 octane at 13 psi produced 335 whp / 282 tq. #hondata #rsx #fullrace #evanstuning #evans #dynapack #dyno @FullRacemotorsports
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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