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Base Brakes to Type S

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Im trading a member on here his base brakes for my type S setup i am going to pick up. I have a 02 civic so the type s wont fit.

I was wondering it the type s will bolt on on the base rsx with these parts

complete spindles, control arms, break lines, calipers, pads, rotors, trailing arms, abs wires, abs sensors, ebrake cables, bb and mc

or do i need need more parts like type s axles?
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it is a waste of time to do it.

just get better pads (Axxis Ultimate or Hawk HPS), SS brake lines, and some good Motul or ATE brake fluid. you'll see better braking in that vs. swapping to rsx brakes.
like i said i NEED base brakes for my civic

so i need to swap it out for type s cause thats the only ones i can find locally, so i can get the base ones
i did this with my base....type-s caliper, rotor, and pads is all that's needed. nothing else. it'll bolt right up with no issues

i went from the stock setup to the type-s setup with ONLY the front type-s rotors, pads, and calipers

(i'm referring to going from a base rsx to type-s rsx front brakes)

EDIT: since i see you talking about the emergency brake cable also....i thought i heard that the rear brakes are the same on a base and type-s, so there's no need to even swap the rears into the base rsx
are they axles different between base and type s?, and if so can i uses type s axles on a k20a3?
Was there much of a performance upgrade josolanes?
my friend did this on his 02 civic...everything was bolted in. he used the front and rear knuckles, hubs, rotors, calipers, and ebrake cables. he also has the type-s prop valve and master cylinder.
to saugashan, idk about the axles (if there's a difference between the base and type-s).

to Mugsee, it seems to bite a little better but works much better with constant hard braking (less brake fade). i upgraded to type-s slotted rotors from and Hawk HPS brake pads. The much larger calipers and larger rotor look great though....fills in the stock 16's really well :) (right up to the rims)

i'll have pics up by this weekend of the new brakes vs the old. i took a few before/after rotor pics during the install
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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