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I am thinking of freeing my cat. There are two options I am thinking of...

The reason I want to do this is because I got CAI/Header shorty 4-1/Magnaflow cat back Exhaust. The low rpm power lost is getting annoying, and I want to add some power back to low rpm. I know with a free flowing I/H/E you will get high rpm power, but what about low rpm? Which setup will give u high rpm power with the least low rpm power lost?

Just performance wise, which would you go for and why.

One to buy another stock base cat to hollow out for $100
Two to buy a HF cat like carsound for $100

State inspection is not a problem since I will pay someone to do it.
Also in state of NJ, does anyone know if you could get fined for $3000 for hollowing out your cat? Could you just say it was damaged and I didn't know about it?
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