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Battery Test Results

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Long story short, my car lights would shut off suddenly when I was in high RPM. The battery light indicator would only turn on when this issue happened. I figured I was having alternator issues, so I replaced it.

The battery light went away on initial start with the new alternator. However, the alternator was fine for only 2 days. After a few trips, my battery light indicator started flickering and eventually it stayed on. So I assumed that the battery was toast from the previous alternator - radio stopped working, interior lights were dim, and my windows were slow to roll down/up. My car ended up failing to start. So I went to Advance Auto Parts and had them run a test on the battery. The battery test results showed that my battery was low in voltage so they kept it over night to fully charge it. I got it back the next day and the results were:

Voltage: 13.37V
Measured: 555 CCA
Rated: 410 CCA
Temperature: 72 degrees

Advance auto parts said the battery was good, but what should be the appropriate amount measured for CCA? I have a gut feeling that the culprit of my electrical issues is this shit rebuilt alternator. This will be the third alternator I have been through. The OEM alternator was replaced with a Tough One Alternator. The tough one alternator has a lifetime warranty so I had it replaced with a new one. Before I head back over to advance auto parts, I want to be sure that this is not a simple battery issue before I complain about their faulty alternators.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! -CJ

5/24 Update:
My instincts were right, another POS alternator. Never again. OEM>all. My car is running again with no problems.
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OEM alternators are the best. The fact that your battery has more CCA then rated is weird and could help find the problem. Its hard to do but try to measure voltage when the lights shut out.

Corroded ground could also be the problem. The grounds are crap on the rsx especially one that goes to the trans it corrodes then its useless.
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