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Race Driver Training For The Racer & Enthusiast Alike


Download Race Driver Training Application Form
(Please print and email or fax the form to us)

The Race Driver Training Program is organized and operated by the SCCBC's Race Drivers Committee. Membership on this committee is by invitation. The members of this committee are a group of the best racers in the club. Most have won championships in their class and others are those who have done consistently well over the years and proven themselves capable of excelling in all race conditions.

The three day course includes 1 day of classroom instruction and 2 days of on-track instruction. Students are assigned an instructor which they may share with a couple of other students. In the classroom session, the students study the Race Driver Training Manual. This covers the basics such as seating position, shifting, racing lines and apexes, and general race procedures.

The on-track instruction starts with a walk of the track and a description of the corners. Next, comes the slow speed dual instruction - the instructor drives the car around the track at slow speed while pointing out the racing line and apex in each of the corners. Now it's the student's turn to drive. By the end of the first day on track, the students have increased their driving speed considerably. The second day on the track starts with a short review, then it's back out on the track. The speed is slowly increased with each session, until the student is comfortable driving the track at racing speeds.

The students are observed by the instructors throughout the entire weekend. They are given feedback on their driving position, and control in the drivers seat, as well as their chosen line through the corners.

At the end of the course, those who have successfully completed the course and who intend to go racing may purchase a novice racing license. Three races must be completed under observation as a novice after which time a driver may upgrade to a senior license, which allows them to compete in club championship races. For more information on our Race Driver Training Program call 604-688-2499 ext.232 or fax 604-943-4593.

The Race Drivers Committee Presents..

Race Driver Training 2003

NOTE: Next school is March 15, 22nd & 23rd 2003. Space in our school is limited and recent schools have been over subscribed. We suggest you contact our registrar, as noted below, and, sign up early.
Price for three days of classroom and track time is $400.00.
Registration, technical inspection and classroom are held on the weekend prior to the on track sessions.

Download Race Driver Training Application Form
(Please print and email, mail or fax the form to us - address details shown below)

This course is mainly for people intending to go racing and for those wishing to improve on their driving skill. This course, upon completion, is recognized by ASN CANADA FIA, CACC, ICSCC, and usually SCCA, for qualification toward a novice race license. For further information on novice requirement, contact our novice director Curt Storms at (604) 465-3595.

Entries are open immediately and close one week prior to the first date of the course (on a first come, first serve basis). Mail or drop off your entry to:

RDC Driver Training
c/o Craig Archer
Information Builders
Suite 2110 - 1050 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7
Tel: 604-688-2499 ext. 232
Fax: 604-943-4593
email: [email protected]

Please make cheque or money order payable to The Sports Car Club of B.C.

Race Driver Training Requirements:

Provincial "N" or State driver's license that you have held for a minimum of 3 months (must be produced at registration).
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