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Well it's been awhile since anyone wrote one of these up, or have posted about it so this might refresh some of of your minds ;)

Recently my friend and I (SiFuDC5), decided to JDM his lights..

Earlier this year we tried but only to the disgrace of my oven not working!!

So this time we tried with his oven, brand new and working, hah..

Now the way we did it was particulary different that most DIY guides on here, it comes from a Civic board which another of my friends (sifusexc) showed me long ago when he did his Civic's lights. This method has not been tested on already painted lights and would not suggest them.

Materials used:

(No, we did not use crowbar, hammer, or that box of sprinkles)

·Duplicolor Enamel Paint DA1600 Gloss Black
·91% Isopropyl Alcohol ( More % the merrier )

Taking apart headlights:
We did this part different too, following recent people saying how they did theirs and how long, we went a different route but incorporated the same technique. The guide we used called for 300º for 5 minutes. Crazy huh? well not really, it worked really well infact. Just becareful not to hit the sides of the headlight in the oven at all, or you will be screwed.

Once the headlights were in the oven for 5 minutes, take them out and thats when we pryed the clips away from the housing, making sure we don't break them when we pull them apart. Then get the putty knife and pry the smaller corner of the headlight enough for your hands to fit and pry the rest apart, we had nother person cut the sealant as it stretched down.

Now the 2 pieces are in half, Unscrew the screw in the clear housing part that connects to the housing.

The reflectors, the turn signal and parkinglight ones are the easy ones, the side reflectors are the one you need to be careful, unfortunately I myself being a dooshbag broke one of the clips on each headlight :nervous:.

Once removed those parts you get this:

Taping the reflectors:
Now we're perfectionist, not to the point of Moto but still, you get the point..
I'm not sure who posted this but we incorporated it into our job.
To get the perfect shape of reflection for each reflector piece, we taped them individually up with regular clear tape (any kind will do as long as you can peel it off). Now you must cover every inch of it or the paint will seep through and cause a ruckus of black marks, not good. Once their taped up, put them back into the housing and you will get this:

(Stupid sprinkles)

Prepping the Housings:
Now I might get flamed for this, but our method did not include the use of Primer, but rubbing alcohol.
Taking a cloth, damp it with the rubbing alcohol and start rubbing it on the housing, be sure to get every single spot, in your mind that is. You will not be able to see where you have last scrubbed, so just make sure you get every part wet and scrubbed.
My friend I called him up during this process wanting an explaination, he replied it's to get the clearcoat or something on the chrome and make it adhesive. Being that said, we continued to scrub the housings with alcohol and let them dry for a good 10 minutes before spraying.

Painting the Housings:

Again like every other DIY, painting method is essential to a great job, so I did 3 light layers and a touchout layer which was like 10 small sprays or something, make sure to get it in sunlight so you can see what you have painted.

(Ooo black)


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The Hard Part:
We let the housings dry for a good 6 hours before moving on to the next part, you might want to wait longer, up to you.

Now comes the paint in the ass part, getting the reflectors without scratching the paint and making sure the paint has covered the areas you wanted.
Being careful, pop out the reflectors one by one and try not to scratch the paint, just be careful.

Reflectors out, look perfect!

Taking the tape off the reflectors:
This part is not really hard, just long, being careful not to get any of the paint on the reflector, take the tape off each.
As my friend here is displaying:

The finished housings:
Once you popped the de-taped reflectors carefully into the newly painted housings, you should get this hopefully ;)

Close up shots:


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Putting it all together:
Now I happened to get off my lazy ass and take some pics of how we put it together, put the pieces together, pop them in at 300 degrees 6 minutes, take them out, press them together with all force you can do without warping the housing, and then all the clamps you can find and piece them together... Sadly we only had 2.. :dontknow:

Now during all of this, we weren't careful enough to care about the 2 clips on the top of the housings, so they were gracefully smashed up and bent, but oh well, we moved them back and it worked fine,

Here's the two babies finished:

Another shot, notice no pry marks:

Finish up the job:
Get everything back in the car.. La la..

The pain in the ass part of this was the ballast for the hid on the left headlight, kept getting in the way, so me in fury took it out screwed it in another hole and screwed the ignitor next to it, I guess it worked :dontknow:.

Once you get everything you can absorb the feeling of, holy crap I did it.


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Light shots with new Housings

Yes, 6000k's do work, and look projectored almost..

(As you are reading this, PIAA Led's are on their way, haha)

Final shot, showing night and the HID's looks nice :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

All in all this job was quite painstaking, but paid off in the end :D

If you're thinking to yourself right now, What the hell kind of camera were you using!?! looks like crap!! Well, its not bad for a camera phone I think.. I'll some get hi quality 3 megapixel pictures later when theres light :spin: Oh and if you had noticed the rear being lower than the front, well thats part of the lowering we're doing to the car, going to be finished tommarow, Tein S-tech springs ;)

Special thanks to:
The oven for not burning the lights :thumbsup:

Oh and if the images aren't working cause I uploaded so many, let me know I will transfer.

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hey i got a question about the DIY headlights and the xenons. Someone told me that i should not get the HID kit if i have the DIY because incase it fogs the condensation is bad for the bulb, i don't want to spend 500 bucks on a kit then only to have it blow due to condensation in my DIY headlight.

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yeahi said:
hey i got a question about the DIY headlights and the xenons. Someone told me that i should not get the HID kit if i have the DIY because incase it fogs the condensation is bad for the bulb, i don't want to spend 500 bucks on a kit then only to have it blow due to condensation in my DIY headlight.
Does anyone know if this is true or not?

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That is probably one of the best documentations of DIY JDM headlights I have/will ever see. Excellent job my man.

After seeing how you went about doing your reflectors, I wish I would have followed suit and done it that way as well. I was running short on time and ended up painting behind the reflector, so it doesn't look nearly as good as yours.

I also have 6000K HID's, and I have read and also believe that having the black housings makes for a better projection of the brighter light HID's produce. I think having the OEM chrome lights would scatter light everywhere, making the HID's look pretty shitty. Also, to address the concern for condensation, I don't think the bulb would immediately shatter, but would severely shorten the life of the bulb.

Anyway, here's a pic of my DIY job for shits and giggles (you can tell that the reflector isn't as "reflective" as yours):

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Great DIY!

Hey they those housings look terrific, perhaps even better than Halo's considering the $300 price difference :D Still dont have my rsx-s yet but it's coming for my bday in a nice NBP wrapping. I think the DIY JDM's look the best on a NBP rsx, IMO (also because that's the color I'm getting - no offense know how it is).

I was wondering about the projection quality of the 6000k HID's in those housings. Are they the XD HID's? Also, do you think you could take a picture showing the beam pattern against a wall or the garage door or something?

Thanks alot,
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