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wuts up clubrsx ...... this is my 1st show of both of my rsx hope u guys like it let me kno wut u guys think......

ok let me start from the beginning when i got my 1st car about 4 years ago when i was 17...... a 1995 civic automatic ..... yes i was into body kits but i liked this body kit because it was simple not exaggerated..... i kno i kno its ricy but come on every1 goes thru that stage after watching fast and furious =]

ok so after i got the car and put the body kit on i wanted to make my car look like a car from fast and furious and custom the inside
did all the work my self and i love how it came out

a few month later i got my 1st rsx base automatic ......... my dream car ......

honestly i was not a fan of the color but hay it was a gift from ma mom ..... mom i love u best women in the world :love:

ok so after getting the car i went a bout a lip kit, hids, and a fujita intake for it.... at that moment i was in love with the kit thought mu car was the best car in the world... again went a lil over bord

after few month of being with the kit i was getting sick of it so my car went thru a dramatic change the week before Honda day ... went all out and came up with this as a finishing project .... brand new paint job .... wanted to go a bit different from all other blue rsx so i went with si blue put on some JDM fogs, type r lip, type r wing and iebac lowering spings

see me with the white :laughing:

than me and my boy went out and took piks of both of our cars

late night cruise with friends ..... out to the races

left my car sleeping in the street 1 night and my type r lip was gone as u can see ..... out to the races again

After 2 years with my base auto rsx i was getting tiered of staying behind .... all of my friends had type s but me so i went on a hunt to buy 1 ..... sadly in order for me to get the type s i had to sell my base .....then came mom to the rescue she saw the sadness in me cuzz i was selling my baby and she offered to give me the money so i could keep it and buy the type s also ..... so i went off and bout my self a 05 type s for very cheep off some old guy that had her in his back yard for over a year she was a little banged up yes but that didnt stop me i looked at it like a new project that i was going to work hard in

this is wen i 1st got her .... not much damage just needed new wind shield a new back side window and new rims cuzz one of the rims it came with was cracked

this was a few month ago ... got some fogs


about 2 weeks ago i got these from a fellow clubrsx member
need to repaint and buy center caps no big deal (ITR RIMS) but i still couldn't wait and juss thru those babies on will post up picks soon of the type s with the ITR RIMS

UPDATE 3-29-10

my type s project is just beginning theres alot more to come..... any comments and ideas pleas post them up hope u guys enjoy

UPDATE 12/11/10

here is a lil update ....... not much of a big change juss got some spacers

and this is a little something i got up my sleeve starting my build after new years .... the change has begun stay tune


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You don't need two threads for the same thing... clean none the less. Went through a rice phase though lol... the body kit for your first rsx was ugly as shit.

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UPDATE 1-5-12 !!!!!!!!!!!!

alot has changed since last time i did an update .... to make a long story short i couldnt pass the salvage inspection for the mm 05 06 rsx so i got my self a rolling 02 04 shell and swapped everything from the 05 06 rsx to the 02 04 rsx shell .... from exterior to interior and motor swapp of course and since the motor was already out i went ahead and got my turbo kit installed =]

ladies and gents let me introduce u to BENDER !!!!

this is how the car looked wen i got it but with out the rims and the motor of course ... it was a really clean rolling shell ... it came with rsx stockys not the type rs

pick of wen the swapped was beeing put on bender !!!! K20z1 motor

here wen the motor and turbo was done

after motor and kit was done went out to get tuned and made this on a stock k20z1

i was very happy with my numbers so on to making bender look nice =] so i started with these bad boys

more power means better brake so i got some brembos and dropped bender on some progress coils

went and picked up a set of brand new type r tails .... cost me a pretty penny but fuk it i wanted them bad

went ahead and got my self a pare of m45 proctors

pick up a mugen hood from a good buddy of mines

then me and my boy started doin my conversion

heres bender at the shop after gettin the bumpers and hood painted

1st day out after paint shop

wanted to be a bit different from alot of ppl so instead of getting my hood cf i went and got my self a cf trunk

again went a little different and instead of gettin integra and type r badges ..... i got my self a nice little illest badge for my rear

here a sneak peak

after a good 6 month of waiting i got my chargespeed bottom line lip kit .... money well spent

went and got my self an aspec front and rear lip from another good fren and heres a preview of wut i have come up with =]

introducing the new and improve BENDER

Up next for bender .... shave and tuck ....... new rims stay tune ..... hope u guys enjoys reading about my rsx history

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Well started out :vomit: but looks like you're on the road to success now

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your mom bought you two rsx's!? i want your mom!

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update 3-5-12 !!!!!

so like 3 weeks ago something bad happen .......... yup thats right my motor blew ... i mean like come on boosting on a stock motor :thumbsdow: it was bound to happen so now im actually takin the time to build one for more power and since the motor is already out .... remember that shave tuck i was talkin about up top yup its happening

new setup

wiseco pistons 9.8 comp
eagle rods
ARP head studs
supertech valve spings and retainer
hybrid racing Chain Tensioner
new oem chain and guide
new oem head gasket
garrett gt3076r turbo
custom engine harness and ground (made by the one and only blullet-S)
shave and paint (Bullet-s)
motor build done by good friend of mine (alex)
motor installation will be done by my good friend (2006beauty) at his shop Elite Auto Works NY ....good ppl....

bender at the surgery room

spark plug ..... only god knows how that happen lol

benders new turbo garrett gt3076R

started to strip the bay for the shave and tuck

update 3-12-12

new pistons gettin ready to go on the block

heres the block done and ready to go

on our way to bullet-s so he can start with the shaving

cant wait to see how it comes out

update 4-8-12 !!!

bullet workin on my bay

heres my bay done and ready for the motor @ 2006beauty's shop (elite auto works) look them up

UPDATE 4-12-12

pics of the motor being done

supertech valve springs and retainers are on

new timing chain and guides installed with hybridracing tensioner

UPDATE 6-27-12

car is almost done will be turning him on by the end of the week i cant wait

UPDATE 9-1-12

here we were still putting everything together

got my self a Backyard Special (BYS) front bumper which im in the process of converting it 05 06

decided to pic up a new rbc can u see the pearls on it =]

more pics keep goin down

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my wheels finally came in i was so happy

and heres a little tease on my wheel fitment

UPDATE 3/16/13

felt it was time for a small update for you guys .... been busy with school, work and now getting ready for this season coming up ..... few changes are coming so stay tune .... but for the mean time heres you guys go !!!!

Pics of my brand new work XD9 17x9.5 didnt put them on the car just yet lol

testing the fitment =] !!!!!!

some winter pics with my old typeRs (winter setup) me and my boy did a small shoot nothin too crazy

now for some current pics with the xd9

driving threw the beautiful city of NY

a few weeks ago this happen ......... some ghetto mechanic changed my clutch and forgot to screw the ball joint back on !!!!!!!!! i was lucky that i was just gettin out the highway when this heppend ..... could of caused a crazy accident .... nothin happen to the rims

and bullet came to save the day !!!!! love this dude

stay tune more updates coming soon ....

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new beginings

UPDATE 2-3-2015 !!!!!

so its been a long time since last time i actually took the time to update my show-off been busy with work and other priorities .... so i diciced to switch it up a bit and really get into the whole show car thing

as u can see on the pic did some sheet metal on the bay and deleted that annoying bracket on the right side that holds the fuse box ... I'm really trying to achieve that smooth look so deleting that bracket was a must

also want to say that all the work has been done by bulletrsx at his shop bullet-autoworks .... everyone in new york go check him out .... RSX GOD!!!!!

now off to paint shop

bys bumper converted ..... yes yes another bys .... i like the bumper had it for a couple of years now just never got around to to actually use it till now

cooking that paint

benders new color AZTEC GREEN PEARL .... wanted to stay away from the rsx basic colors but i still wanted to keep the color a honda color so i went with the color the 1995 civic EG comes in ... these pic don't do justice makes the car looks little blue looks a lot better in person sorry for the crappy pics guys

and as for the bay !!!! no bracket looks better simple and clean !!!!!!

so wuts a bay with any nice bling ..... went ahead and got some triple chrome ... valve cover and rbc triple chrome and to match that got my work XD9s polish and my brembos powder coated white

so far heres wut i have come up wit ..... car is still a working progress ... a lot more stuff needs to be done .... hope u guys like it

update 2/8/2016

heres me at import expo car show


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i actually like the blue Si color on the rrsx, looks good. and im glad u changed the rims on the 05! lol.
thanks bro yea i had 02 04 stockies on it but now its time for them ITRs cant wait till i get them painted championship white again there r goin to look sick
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