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Best Aftermarket Healight Bulbs

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Ok i did a search and found guys with woman problems and DIY black housing LOL but I could find any posts of people that have changed the headlight bulbs. The stock ones just arent bright enough for me and was curious if anyones done any experimenting with aftermarket and what theyre opinions are. Thanks
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roxie: Be careful using bulbs that have a true rating of "100 watts" -- that might damage your wiring (in other words, I wouldn't go higher than 55 watts). Are the "APC" bulbs the same as the "Euro Light" bulbs?

DsCivicEx: I've really been enjoying my Catz Galaxy White light bulbs:
roxie: ...they say 100W, and the install dude told me that too but never mentioned anything about it being harmful... Someone more knowledgeable then myself will have to address this for you -- I just remember being told that you don't want to try using a bulb that exceeds the rating of the stock bulb, without doing some wiring upgrades first. Of course, this excludes the claims (and all the bulb manufacturers seem to have them) that a given 55 watt bulb will produce the light output of a 100 watt bulb -- those claims are fine, just so long as the bulb itself only draws 55 watts. your Catz put out a clean white light or are they really purple-ish like the ad states?? They do indeed add a very subtle hint of purple color to the light output; I think they look pretty nice!

krossoverr33: don’t waste your money on bulbs...get some HIDS Agreed -- and I'm saving for them now!
DsCivicEx: I had a pair of Euro Light bulbs in my car for about 3-months, and was quite happy with them. If you want, I would be happy to check and see which specific type/model they were (they had just a very faint hint of blue in them). They seemed brighter (probably due to the light blue coloring in them) but I suppose it's debatable whether or not they actually were!! ;)

Installing? Yikes! I know there is a thread around here about how to install them, but even the owner's manual is pretty helpful in this regard. Just to forewarn you: the bulbs in the RSX are kinda difficult to get to, so be patient, practice your wrist/hand contortions for a week prior to attempting it, and be prepared for some small bruises when you're done!! :laughing:
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