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Best Aftermarket Healight Bulbs

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Ok i did a search and found guys with woman problems and DIY black housing LOL but I could find any posts of people that have changed the headlight bulbs. The stock ones just arent bright enough for me and was curious if anyones done any experimenting with aftermarket and what theyre opinions are. Thanks
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Believe it or not I actually sell this stuff on the side of our Audio/Video Store but Every car is different so thats why I asked. I ran Piaa's in my Civic and loved them but the RSX stock bulbs are already alot brighten that my Civics stock I take from what I hear that even the Piaa's arent brighter than stock? And someone asked about Euro light..I have two opinions...They are a good clean light bulbs but they do break or burn out quite often.
Are lets say the APC's, Eurolight, Ect. your cheaper cleaner white bulbs any brighter than stock or would I just be wasting my time? Any how hard are they to replace..i feel like a moron but I havent even bothered to look under the hood at the enclosure. Hope I dont waste your time with my questions.
yeah I dont have the owners manual cuase I bought the car 2nd owner. I see they are quite difficult so ill just wait on that.
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