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Best Aftermarket Healight Bulbs

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Ok i did a search and found guys with woman problems and DIY black housing LOL but I could find any posts of people that have changed the headlight bulbs. The stock ones just arent bright enough for me and was curious if anyones done any experimenting with aftermarket and what theyre opinions are. Thanks
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any recommendations for H11 bulbs in the fogs? I want something to match the white of my 5300K HID.
Shiraz said:
I have SPP superwhite H11s in my fogs and they're pretty white :thumbsup:

They probably won't look as good when compared to your HID though :) Maybe you could get HIDs in your fogs like a couple of people have...haha, that'd cost a lot more though
SPP? what's that? Where can I get them? How much? That's close enough in color. I'm just sick of my fogs looking so yellow. LOL Are they the same Wattage?
my HID's only were $270. :dontknow:
thanks bro
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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