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Best Aftermarket Healight Bulbs

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Ok i did a search and found guys with woman problems and DIY black housing LOL but I could find any posts of people that have changed the headlight bulbs. The stock ones just arent bright enough for me and was curious if anyones done any experimenting with aftermarket and what theyre opinions are. Thanks
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Blue Visions. Not 'OMG Instant HID' but whiter than stock with a sliver of light blue.
Yea, someone at one of the local RSX meets had blue visions, and honestly I thought for a second it was real HID. Upon a closer look, it was evident that they were not.

But nice bulbs, none the less.
go with blue visions
DsCivicEx said:
Are lets say the APC's, Eurolight, Ect. your cheaper cleaner white bulbs any brighter than stock or would I just be wasting my time? Any how hard are they to replace..i feel like a moron but I havent even bothered to look under the hood at the enclosure. Hope I dont waste your time with my questions. a comparison w/ one light on stock and one'll physically see a big difference. It's funny because I thought the same thing; that I wasn't going to bother changing the stock headlights because they didn't look that yellow to me, but they look sooo yellow in comparison to any aftermarket bulb. If you're like me and won't be able to afford HID's for a loooong time, get some H1's. And then spend your $ on some good quality (i.e. piaa or similar) foglights, they put out so much more light on the sides...makes for excellent light when driving at night. I wanted them more so for that than just for 'looks'. But that will run you a good $300. w/ install. But no, you're not wasting your time replacing the stock headlights, don't listen to those peeps that say it's a waste unless you're gonna get HID's. Not everybody has $800 lying around!!! :rolleyes:
my HID's only were $270. :dontknow:
thanks bro
raybrig whitesonic! they are awsome 5000k ive had em for awhile and had no problems really bright cheeck em out at
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