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this is the email they sent to me after i waited 3 months for the wheels:

I regret to inform you that D3wheels is closing its doors.

Due to problems with employees and a bad economy, we are unable to keep the doors open.

Your order for Rennen forged wheels was never placed for some reason and the fault is with us,
not Rennen forged.

We have cancelled out all our current customer orders and refunded as many as we could, but there
are still a few orders, like yourself, that we are unable to issue refunds on due to lack
of funds.

We ask that you please contact your card company and request a chargeback, or open a dispute
with Paypal to ensure you can get your full refund.

We sincerely apologize for this huge inconvenience, but as mentioned, we are unable to stay
in business.

If for any reason you are unable to get your refund by chargeback or dispute, please let us
know and we will do our best to get everyone settled.




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wow looks like a scam! how much was lost if you dont mind me asking?
im sure you fine file a suite against them
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