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Big K series Fuel System!!!

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check this out for a fuel system 2002 ep3 k20a2 gt3076r 500+whp.

I didnt have to sump the tank so far almost 200 miles no issues.
Very simple fuel system.

the pump-weldon 2025 -8 in and -8 out
plus side: all fuel compatibility.
down side: loud as hell and pricey, no fuel level anymore(tryin to fab something up though)
I had to re install the rear interior its so Fucxxxx loud.

-8 from tank to pump then pump to rail.
-6 return ( cause it was already done in -6)
fuel lab filter in front of pump.
1600cc inj
aem inj driver
fuel lab regulator
golden eagle rail
Tuned By Tony Palo.

sorry for the 2 crappy pics.

I did end up re routing the top feed hose underneath the pump.
I also ran the pick up directly over the top of the tank (not around like pictured) so its only like 4.5ft long and no walbro sock, weldon said thats a no no.
you have to run a very short return due to the flow of the pump. No lean cuts so far. 22-23 psi

Good for about 700whp on e85 and 1400whp on c16 So I was told.
Thanks to Philip from
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I think this is a serious setup. Looks very clean and properly done. I agree the pump location isn't good if you drive on the streets. Is it possible to mount the pump underneath the car or does the pump need to be right side up? to work properly?
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