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blackdc5nj turbo part out, brand new parts 4 f/s or f/t

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All parts are brand new in box unless otherwise noted. prices do not include shipping. located in central jersey. pictures will be up tomorrow.

1.TD autowerkes stainless steel log manifold-$275 shipped(retail is 500)SOLD

2.Garrett t3 60-1 w/.82 exhaust housing and4in scover.-$650 shipped(retail 700)
3.Tial 38mm wastegate blue(comes with flanges and gaskets)-$195 SOLD
4.Blitz b.o.v(used but still in working condition) $50SOLD
5. Hondata boost solenoid 90 shipped(lists on crsx for 106)SOLD
6.Treadstone vertical flow intercooler-$300 pending( lists for 318 on crsx)SOLD
7. AEM 4 inch dryflow filter-$30 SOLD
8. Stock IM cover SOLD
9.Stock Primary 02 sensor SOLD
10.Stock 05 motor mounts SOLD
willing to trade for supercharger kit 05/06

having trouble finding the camera, but this is what the manifolds looks like, pics taken from tdautowerkes website.

hondata solenoid
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pics of the hondata solenoid.. its the aem knock off right? is it the same ones as on ebay?
its the same one from club rsx, best boost controller to work with kpro. morning bumpp
afternoon bump
morning bump
bump ttt bov sold
wastegate pending
intercooler pending
filter pending
log manifold pending

turbo still up for grabs
boost selenoid still availalbE?
yes 100 shipped.
bump ttt
bump prices lowered.
bump ttt, turbo still available
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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