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How she sits now

Injen Cold Air Intake
Mildly polished RBC Intake Manifold
Hybrid Racing Fuel rail w push fitting
Hybrid Racing Fuel Pressure gauge
Hybrid Racing Slim oil cap
Hybrid Racing Adapter
Hybrid Racing tb thermal gasket
Hybrid Racing 70mm tb
Hybrid Racing TPS
Hybrid Racing radiator hoses
Hybrid Racing machined aluminum mm
Hybrid Racing s shifter
Hondata Intake Manifold gasket
Hondata Kpro PRB-A05 V3
J's fx pro 4-2 & 2-1 Race Header w Vibrant angled cel eliminator
J's Racing 60RS Exhaust
J's Racing oil catch can
J's Racing induction elbow
J's Racing radiator cap
J's racing SPL thermostat
J's racing fan switch
Mishimoto radiator w dual fans+shroud
Comptech Battery Tie down
OEM Integra GSR Throttle Cable
Karcepts billet tb bracket
Karcepts IACV Block off
Karcepts IACV rotate plate
Karcepts CC Delete rotor
Tein hood dampers
Bolt Boys Hardware


Pioneer AVH-P8400 head unit
Diamond Audio 6.5" D3 series speakers front and back
Sony Xplod 600x4
Diamond Audio TX Black Series 12" Subwoofer
Sony Xplod 1000x2


Chargespeed Bottom Line carbon fiber lip kit
J's Racing CF Type S hood
J's Racing CF Canards
J's Racing CF 1600mm wing
J's Racing CF license plates
J's Racing rear diffuser
J's f+r tow hooks
Speedstar license plate relocator
Rear window spoiler
Side window visors
Oem clear Foglights
6k hids
ITR Front H Badge
ITR Rear H Badge
ITR Integra Rear Emblem
ITR Taillights
ITS Rear Type S Emblem
ITS Front Type S Emblem
A Spec oem Wing and mini decklid


Stätus Racing Ring GT-X buckets n/i
Stätus Racing 3" 5 point red harness'
06 Base cloth seats
ITR Foot Light
ITR Center Console
ITR E-Brake
ITR Shift Boot
ITS Gauge Cluster
ITS Center Console Badge
ITS Door Sills
ITS Honda Access Floor Mats
Skunk2 Shift Knob
J's Racing Quick Release
J's Racing wheel

Wheels & Tires

Volk Racing CE28N Genesis 17x8+38
BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 215/45/r17
Project Kics r26


Buddy Club N+
Function7 Lower Control Arms
Ingalls fr + rear camber kit
Beaks Polished Tie Bar
J's Racing front strut bar
J's Racing rear strut bar
J's Racing c pillar
Mugen mid rear bar

Future Plans

Better Interior

This is the day i picked her up i guess you could say it was a dying wish lol i found out my girl was pregnant so i figured its now or never

I originally bought the car just to have a decent car w good gas mileage then i found out about clubrsx and decided to maybe do something to the exterior just to keep it simple got some red H badges, lowered it on springs, got a cheap deal on the rear window visor, side visors, and got a lil ricey w that tow hook lol

Sorry for the quality of some of these pics im too broke to buy a decent camera haha

I threw in a k-tuned coil pack cover just to get rid of the oem coil cover and a Comptech battery tie down
I was getting a lil bored of the interior so i picked up door sills, a center console w shift boot and knob, and some floor mats to make it look cleaner along w the rear type s and integra emblem

i picked up some fogs and a rep cs lip to add a lil to the exterior

Also needed some tunes so changed out all speakers sub and deck pretty much diamond audio and sony were installed all over the car w a jvc head unit to control it found a really good deal on some rotas as i was shopping for tires they were brand new and looked decent so i figured why just just until i save to buy myself something better had them wrapped in BFGoodrich g-Force sport comp-2 tires and added an ingalls rear camber kit to keep them from getting cambered too bad along w some 5mm spacers in the rear to make them fit

and a hood bra as well and finally ended my search for tails and ordered some itr tails from japan

And just recently added a reflashed pcm to help it scoot around town

My plans are nowhere near completion but this is what i have for now i feel like ive made some decent progress considering i just started modifying earlier this year w exception of the exhaust

Future plans are to build the engine havent decide on Boost or N/A yet clean up the engine bay and authentic CS lip kit in carbon fiber

Just got some new stuff put in the car

Just got a few Mugen goodies

Went to a small meet last night and got a few pics of er

These were taken by Sikh thx man appreciate it

2006 BOM Honda Integra Type S :vtec:

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Deft in the rite direction.

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looks good bro
Thx man :thumbsup:

Deft in the rite direction.
Im happy w it so far hopefully it keeps in the right direction

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated too the car scene here in bakersfield isnt the biggest so im always looking for new ideas :)

2006 BOM Honda Integra Type S :vtec:

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car looks great man. think im the ones that sold you those mats!

one questions though... why do you have 2 sets? lol
I actually have 2 sets lol after i bought the set from you i found 1 other set for really cheap one of them i use to drive around them the other 1 i have stored for shows/meets

2006 BOM Honda Integra Type S :vtec:

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Looking good. It's not easy to find a Comptech exhaust that hasn't been hacked up these days...
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