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I made it 10 days out of the dealership, but then my luck failed.

I was sitting in typical San Diego traffic just off the freeway at a dead stop, and some guy on a bicycle pedals past me. Somehow, his tire kicked a rock that smacked my passenger door panel dead in the middle but about 2/3 of the way down...hard. When I got home I checked it out, and it looks like it didn't chip the paint but it went through everything else - clear coat too, I think.

My question for you guys: What should I do about it? :dontknow: Strip the wax and start over? Wax over it? I'm new to this kind of car care - my last car was a '98 200SX SE (not -R), and although I would wash it, I never cared about things like swirl marks, reflections, dings, and so forth like I do on my RSX.

Thanks :)
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