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BOM on Gold

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i took my old scratched to shit rims and i welded the chips and bondo'd the smaller scratches and painted them form a nissan altima champagne color.

ima throw in an interior shot and night shot for the hell of it

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looks real good.. thats one clean looking civic :thumbsup:
looks awsome!!! +rep
wheres your radio
lol 3 posts at 6:02
make that 5
wheres your radio
i used a 96-98 cupholder to relocate my radio at the bottom and added a block of plate on top to make it a bit sleeker maybe when some money comes around ill add a tv. btw that my sat radio on side and the controller is velcro'd to the block off plate

oh and yea the was some quick responses by u guys lol.. thx for the +rep too
Nice, I like it. Its a clean lookin civic.
Looks great, clean. :)
never seen that color combo before.. looks decent
well u know i love ur car..not crazy about the rim though...but lots of people hate my wheels so i cant really
nice civic! liked the silvers better though.
damnit dude, stop using your cell phone :thumbsdow
yea... 200 dollars gets you a pretty good camera..
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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