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hey whats up this is my 03 rsx-s she was my first car and has come along way NEW PICS PG 2

-darton sleeves
-eagle rods
-arias pistons
-blue print valve train
-stock cams
-toda timing chain
-RBC intake manifold
-Peak boost gt35r turbo kit with modified manifold

-Albins 1-4 gear set
-Honda 5th
-Hybrid shift cables
-had CC stg 4(just fried it)
-8 lb fly wheel

Fuel (in process of changing)
-FIC 2000cc injectors
-Walbro 255 in tank
-Walbro 255 in line
- -8 feed with -6 return
-Areomotive Fpr
-Aem fuel rail
-tuned on e85

-MG style front and rear strut bars
-Buddy club extended ball joints
-Willwood 4piston calipers

-15in bogarts

-Clubrsx shift boot and knob
-Ezpod steering wheel mount
-Aem wide band
-Defi boost gauge

many thanks to my friends..sean from IMW chris from xenocron..and my GF

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definitely looks like a sleeper.
sick car :thumbsup:

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ya its a albin 1-4 honda 5th 1st is straight cut the others are helical
which 5th gear are you using? I also have the albins 1-4 helical set but i got it in a 6 speed tranny, i generally just skip 5th and go to 6th b/c the ratios between 4th and 5th are so close thats why im just wondering.
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