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Hey guys just have a few questions to get this car idling properly. ill start off with basic mod list
08 k24a2
kpro v3
skunk2 intake manifold
skunk2 fuel rail
440 RC injectors (i know i need bigger)
revhard turbo manifold
.50 turbonetics
tial wastegate
tial BOV
2.5 intercooler piping
2.5 exhaust, high flow cat, primary wideband, w/secondry o2
mishimoto baffled oil catch can (pcv->IM)

i bought car with a k20a (base) and a junk turbo, i blew that setup within a few months i beleive tune was running lean.
just finished swap everythings hooked up and when i started it on the k20a tune it was throwing misfire codes (obviously totally different engine). i downloade kmanager onto my laptop and followed the d.i.y. k24a2 swap thread in setting up the calibration-

"if you using a k24a2 from a 04-05 tsx, do yourself a favor, get the latest update of kmanger and click on open, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the cal list, and low and behold, 04-05 tsx stock. load that cal up. go through it real quick, uncheck the following boxes:
disable idle valve (idle tab)
countershaft driven speed sensor (if you dont uncheck this box you will never hit vtec) (misc tab)
check the following bullet:
multiplexer-normal operation (misc tab)
also make sure you go into the gear comp tab and select the proper transmission"

i downloaded my old tune (just incase) saved it, opened up the 04-05 calibration, followed instructions, and also changed the injector size to 440, and uploaded this to the kpro. it starts up and runs much smoother, but my idle is still surging (but not as much of time time now) 800-1800 sometimes, and i get 3 check engine lights. 1 for my electric load detector, 1 for primary o2 heater malfunction, and 1 for secondary o2 too high resistance (wire is cut, need to solder). before i blew old engine i didnt get any DTC, until misifre codes from losing compression.

so here is a few questions i have. the ELD was disabled on old calibration, should i disable it again on TSX tune or just get a replacement? also the calibration is obviously for a 04-05 tsx, will this work until i get a professional tune on it? im just trying to make sure it drives ok before i go drop $500+ on a tune. and would my primary o2 cause the idle to be surging? is it something in kmanager i can setup since its a wideband? or would it be something else? thanks for any input you guys have for me!
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