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Boosting During 2-step!?!?

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Hey guys i am stumped at the moment... i didn't used to have a problem until now.

But I have a full-race stage 3 kit n i have launch limiter set at 6500rpms and i can rev up but once the car sees any boost it just dies out n drops rpm...

any suggestions?
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do you have lean cut set?
actually i do... is there a way to keep lean protection on and boost or would i have to disable lean protection?
well you can keep your WOT lean protection on just turn off the partial throttle lean protection...that should solve the problem
hmmm i'll check kmanager now and see but if i remember correctly it was still cutting down at pfull throttle...

also a side question... under full-throttle whats the lowest limit for a safe a/f ratio reading because i dn't have an egt or a/f gauge and i was datalogging on kpro just out of curiousity and i had values as low as in the 10's and need to know whats the danger zone?
Alex just get a wideband like you know who :D
at the track i use the launch limiter at 7800rpm and it makes 14psi out the hole. the rev limiter is very fast, fire too.
I was having the same problem, we had to add a ton of fuel what are your settings?
Is there a 2-step thread available?
Gonna be launching your car, Johnny? hahaha
a two step, ah two step...
yep, what a beautiful thing :giggitygiggity:
what does WOT mean. haha
wide open throttle
damn old thread question was already answered few post above^^^^^^^^^^^
hold on ur launching at 6500 rpms at boost?!?!?!?!?!
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