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I bought my 02 rsx-s in 2010. Had 124,000 on it when bought. Just AEM cold air,
cat-back...... not too long after i added
k-pro and street tuned it myself. At 190,000, clutch started slipping. Upgraded clutch and flywheel, about 200,000 i finally slapped my turbo kit that I've been sitting on and street tuned it to 9psi, then about 210,000 miles, cams couldn't stay synced, too much slack.... did timing chain and tensioner..... then at 220,000 miles i started getting low oil pressure and rod knock. I worked a bunch, so instead of doing it myself, i paid a tuner/mechanic with a shop to swap in a used k20a2 seeing that he was familiar with k series engines since he had 3 Honda builds in his shop.
Crappy work... worst then I've ever done.
I later find out after changing out all coolant lines... cooling system kept going low. Burping the cooling system i noticed i kept getting bubbles. Came to the conclusion it's the head gasket. I kept losing coolant through the overflow. Instead of driving it, i parked it and just been driving the odyssey or the mdx. I got ripped, only 6 month warranty, and i was passed that after figuring out a bad head gasket.

Fast forward almost 1.5yrs.... got side tracked into racing fpv drones. Im now in a position where i only work 40hr a week. Was just on vacation and took the head off to find major scoring on the cylinder wall. Never crossed this bridge before. Weighing out the options.
What's a rough estimate for someone to bore out and rebuild my short block with forged rods and pistons?
Or i should just find another used engine and drop it in myself🤷‍♂️
Of course I'll make sure to have compression numbers before I'd buy again to verify health of engine. The guy that ripped me is the guy with the shop and he also provided the engine...i never got compression numbers from that engine before it was installed, and he was supposed to do that before he installed it, i let it slip to my own harm🤦🏼‍♂️
I think this was someone's engine that overheated before🙊
I haven't even driven this car 3,000 miles since the engine got swapped 🤮🤮🤮
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