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Company A doesn't do the right thing and causes a serious catastrophe. The masses stop buying their products so eventually they are unable to sustain their gigantic budget and the company fails or downsizes considerably. If you hurt them seriously financially they won't put seawater instead of drilling mud into the pipes to save money and/or time, etc etc..

Companies B - Z see this and don't want to end up being like Company A.

With your logic we should continue to give our dogs Chinese dog food that poisons our animals and giving their lead toys to our children.
sadly it doesn't in our monopoly controled world...thats where the whole freemarket bs falls on its face.
You are comparing not buying a failed/dangerous product to not buying a product because you don't like a companies perceived ethical standards. That's a huge difference in my opinion.

The fact remains, that a boycott will not help the current situation at all.
Just remember our govt. will just bail them out anyway...
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