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Brand new 6ft 1.3 HDMI Premium cables

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Hi, since my friend company has closed, so i bought 2 boxes from him:thumbsup:. I currently using it with my ps3. work perfect and nice picture quality. I got a lot of them in my house. They are 6ft long, this is the best length for hdmi.

Not trying to make money here, i just want to get all this cable out of my house.
$6 shipped any where within 48 states.

If interested, you can either pm me or email me at [email protected]

I'm Paypal Verify user, you can send money to : [email protected]

here are some pic i took

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sorry i made a mistake, they are 10ft
$10 for 2 picked up
ok guys only 7 left!
Cool. PM me your location and where you want me to meet up or pick up. When are you free?
pm sent!
any left?
Item Sent please check pm
Still have more, let me know anyone need hdmi.
I'll buy one, may i hook my laptop up to this to transfer to my LCD tv? PM me paypal ready. :)
As long as you have a hdmi output on you laptop. it will work!
just wondering if i can get some more, will anyone still interested?
i have more 6 ft but same style. let me know if anyone interested. same price shipped,
still have some if anyone interested please email me directly to [email protected] thanks guys
1 - 11 of 21 Posts
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