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So.. i already have a PDX 1000.1 and 12" Type-X in my car... these ones im selling were supposed to go in... but one is PLENTY. This Amp + Sub Combo is rediculously powerful, clean, & very efficient!

This Items are BRAND NEW, never been opened, or installed. They have been sitting in my room waiting to be installed... but i have decided that the one in my car is loud enough.

Alpine PDX 1000.1 BRAND NEW asking $450 SHIPPED

Alpine 12" Type-X 4-ohm DVC- $250 Shipped obo

(i know you can get them cheaper brand new, but it will be more once you pay for shipping)

Once again... both of these products are BRAND NEW!! I can even send a copy of the reciept if you would like.

Also have a Rockford Fosgate POWER1000 , 5-channel! This has been used for about 2 months. 25-to-life edition. This amp is a fucking monster!!

Asking $420 shipped.

All prices are negotiable.
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