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Car is 2006 RSX Type-S with 179k miles on it. This is a recap of stuff I had to buy and what I did to install this cheap kit.
After having it for a year with bolt-ons, I decided to send it and get a turbo kit. I was never planning to spend much money so I went with the EMUSA kit. Ebay and Amazon are your best friends here. Links to where I bought everything will be posted throughout.
First, the car was already making 210 hp with bolt-ons, shooting big flames, and a lot of fun. But it's addicting and you want more. Also should go without saying you Need KPRO or KTuner to run a turbo. So if you don't have that, buy it before you ever consider getting a turbo kit. I ordered the Kit off ebay for $880.
Turbo kit: Turbo Kits T3/T4 Turbo for 02-06 Acura RSX Type-S Coupe 2D DOHC 2.0 ONLY FOR DC5 | eBay
Opening it up I was impressed, comes with a lot of stuff. Has downpipe, midpipe, wastegate, blow off valve, turbo itself, exhaust manifold, oil feed and drain lines, manual boost controller, fuel pressure regulator, and Intercooler with piping (great because its specific to this car, not universal). Kit nearly comes with everything you need, but here are a few additional thing I had to buy to make it work.
2 inch aluminum intercooler 90 degree elbow: 90 degree pipe
3 inch to 2-1/4 silicone reducer for piping to attach to throttle body: 3 to 2.25" adapter
Two 2 inch silicone couplers: 2 inch intercooler adapter
New -10an oil drain lines with fittings (oil return that came was junk): I bought my line and a 90 degree 10an fitting from a local race shop but here's a link to a quality line: oil drain line
A few hose clamps from Oreily's.
Now here are some supporting mods I bought along with the Turbo kit.
1000cc Injectors $80: Injectors My tuner was quite skeptical that these were $80. Surprised they worked well for "Wuhan garbage"
Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump: Fuel pump Look on clubrsx for Type-Spaz install guide.
Stage 4 clutch and flywheel rated to 339 HP: Stage 4 clutch works great, no complaints for $200
4 Bar MAP sensor: MAP sensor cheap but it works
Boost Gauge: Boost Gauge I just mounted it near the A-pillar with 3m double sticky tape
Add a circuit for the boost gauge: add a circuit
Exhaust Heat Wrap for downpipe (keep heat in): Heat Wrap
Reflective heat wrap (keep heat out): Reflective heat wrap
Turbo Blanket: Turbo blanket
Catback Exahust: Exhaust
Wastegate dump tube: Dump Tube
O2 sensor defouler: Defouler Really not necessary cause you can turn it off with Ktuner or KPRO
Vacuum block: Vacuum block Some people run these, some people Tee off the brake booster line for their vacuum source. I like this cause it looks cool.

Be ready for a few days to install and a multiple trips to the Auto parts store. I did mine in a week. For my first turbo install ever, it went well, but be prepared for A LOT of figuring it out as you go. This kit comes with no instructions. ClubRSX is awesome for finding answers. Also check out JDMods and Dc5_Max on youtube. Both are about the only RSX's with EMUSA turbo kits I could find. When your installing, make sure to heat wrap the crap outta all the things near the turbo. This includes main wiring harness, Heater hoses, AC line, and Power steering line. The midpipe exhaust with this kit will not bolt up to stock exhaust or the one I linked above. Be prepared to take that to the shop just to get welded to the catback, unless your a welder. Shop did mine for $150. Next, you need a -10an bung welded or tapped into the oil pan for the oil drain line. I had mine done at the same time with the clutch cause you need the subframe off for both, so its a good 2 for one job. You want the bung placed as high as possible above the stock oil drain plug. You also need to make your own custom brackets to mount the intercooler. AC line needs to be bent with some persuasion, but can fit with a turbo and you still have functioning AC, I can attest to that. Either have the Injen smaller windshield washer fluid reservoir or just remove it for the intercooler piping to fit. Re route a ziptie or secure the Power steering line as far away from the turbo as possible. Multiple people have melted that because it got to hot and close. For the vacuum lines, like I said some people like tapping to the brake booster, but I went with a cheap vacuum block to run everything cause I like the way it looks. Mine is mounted on top of my RBC intake manifold, with it getting its vacuum source from the passenger side port of the manifold that feeds the PCV valve. For a intake off the turbo i'm just running a dirt cheap short ram intake that I cut to size to fit. I had to lengthen the Intake Air Temperature sensor and Secondary O2 sensors to fit their new locations. I just used speaker wire for that, no issues. There are various connections with the included intercooler piping that are just to small for the included silicone couplers. I remedy this by wrapping the intercooler pipe with duck tape until its a snug fit in the coupler, and tighten the crap outta it with a hose or T-clamp. No leaks yer.

I made 296HP and 238 lbft of Torque with this kit and the fuel pump/injectors listed. This is my first turbo car ever, and it feels FAST! Spins tires in 1st-3rd gear and pulls hard. I'm also running on the included 7 pound wastegate spring and boost cut is set at 10 pounds. Since I have a 06, I have Ktuner instead of KPRO cause it is plug and play. If you have a 02-04 get KPRO. I didn't want to have to mess with the harness to get KPRO to work on a 05-06. Ktuner gave us hell during the tune, but otherwise I like it. Just has issue with live data logging. I could have made more power with more boost, but to keep it by far on the safe side for daily driver, we stopped there. My goal was 300hp, and I'm saying I hit it. Tuner says with a slightly bigger turbo, these K20's hit 400 hp without flinching. Maybe next time :) Anyway, there is my experience with this kit and install. I'm sure I forgot little things, but o well. Get ready to figure it out as you go. Might get some pics up of the car in the morning.

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you went through a great deal for this write up. Very good information for people!

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Great useful information! Did you end up dealing with any boost creep? I'm about to start my build and was wondering if that's an issue with this kit
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