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Burton Custom Snowboard 158 & Burton Mission bindings

Board and bindings are in excellent condition. My only reason for listing is I have out grown them.

The board is a 2007 Burton Custom 158; perfect for beginners and intermediate to advanced riders. I've thoroughly enjoyed riding it and I'm sure you will too. I'm not much for rails so aside from a few boxes here and there, the board hasn't been abused. I've always hot waxed it regularly and kept the edges in tune.

The bindings are Burton mission bindings. I bought them with the board, but I'm not absolutely sure of the model year. They work just as they should. Light weight and strong. Black with copper chrome ratchets.

Here are some features of the board:

Vaporskin: Vaporskin dramatically reduces weight (up to half a pound) while still holding up to the most aggressive riding. With fewer materials between you and the mountain, you begin to feel your way through terrain with newfound intuition. Dragonfly Core -- Superior power and unmatched lightness.
Sintered WFO Base -- A pre-conditioned, wax-impregnated base that stays wide open in any condition and accelerates past every other base out there. Multizone EGD -- The wood grain is perpendicular to the core only under the bindings to enhance carving precision while maximizing snow feel.
Carbon I-Beam -- Ultra-light carbon backbone gives the board added pop and longitudinal snap. Infinite Ride -- Burton's exclusive pop and power-enhancing technology that maintains consistent feel and maximum power throughout your board's lifetime.
Stainless Steel Edges -- Found only on Burton's highest-performing boards, stainless steel provides superior defense against rust and corrosion for razor-sharp edges and hassle-free maintenance. Pressure Distribution Edges -- The edges beneath the binding area extend out a half millimeter for tremendous edge hold on icy hardpack, without changing the board's overall feel.
Pro-Tip -- A lightweight, profiled tip and tail that reduces swing weight, improves float in powder and increases durability. Posative Core Profile -- Thicker between the bindings, thinner towards the nose and tail. Drives you through a turn while increasing edge grip, response and carving precision.

cosmetic notes:
*The dark area on the top front of the board is just sticker adhesive and fuzz. I'll clean that up before you see the board in person.
* The base has some dark spots/streaks. Thats just dirty wax and it has no ill effect on the board and how it rides.
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