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Hey all,

Haven't posted in here for quite some time. Retiring the RSX, giving it to my pops and going back to stock (for the most part). I'm looking to buy 05-06 RSX Type S wheels straight out, or alternatively trade my RPF1s for those wheels +$500 OBO on your end. The wheels are currently wrapped in Hankook Ventus V2s 235/45/17s with close to balding tires. Manufacture date on the tires are EST 10/19/15, so you will need to swap these out asap. Each wheel has it's share of curb rash, but nothing major. Additionally I will include a 5th wheel with no tire - this one has a gouge near the valve stem. As far as I know it holds air just an eyesore. Located in La Palma. Text me @ 714 - 232- 2597 as I'm not on here too often.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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