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CAEavesRSX-S ABP JDM/Mugen Showoff Thread!!!

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Fuck Photobucket! New way to embed from Google Photos

MOD LIST ****authentic everything****

Exterior: Buddy Club Carbon Fiber Hood. Type R front lip and entire Rear bumper, Mugen side skirts, Red H front, Authentic JDM Headlights, Red Out Tail Lights, 05 Deck Lid Spoiler. JDM Brake Ducts. Rear Wiper Delete. Tint Strip. Blacked out roof panel. Shaved rear emblems.

Interior: JDM Blue Recaros, Door Panels, Carpet, Shift Knob, Pedals, and Muxx dead pedal. Mugen Mirror Cover. Type R tach on S cluster. Mugen steering wheel. DC5-R Push start. Painted and gutted rear. Odyssey battery relocated behind driver seat.

Engine: ITR cams, ITR PRC intake manifold. Hybrid Racing fuel rail. Hondata IM gasket. S2000 valve springs.Mugen Header with metal core cat. Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust. DC Sports CAI. Hondata KPro. 230 whp/162 ft lbs at AA in RVA. 216whp at J. Mills in Raleigh. 6 Rib belt and a/c delete! Tuned by J. Mills.

Transmission: Exedy Stage 1 clutch. 10.25 lb DC5-R flywheel. Wavetrac LSD. Synchrotech synchros, 2,3,4th. Downstar Inc tucked clutch line. New master/slave cylinders. 4.7 FD. Hybrid Racing shift cable bushings. Tranmission by Kmod.

Engine Dress Up: Mugen Carbon Plug cover, Mugen Reservoir socks, Mugen Gold Oil Cap, Mugen Radiator Cap. Gold valve cover. Hybrid Racing radiator hoses. A/C Removed. Cruise Control Removed. Tucked throttle cable. Tucked fuse box and battery. Wire-worx raychem tucked engine harness. K-Tuned brake booster line. Chromed intake and shift cable bracket. Ti bolts.

Suspension: Mugen front strut tower bar, Mugen rear mid bar. Spoon rear lower strut bar. Type R front/rear Sway bars. Type R Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms. Hardrace Rear Lower Control Arms. Tein SS w/Pillow-ball Upper Mounts. Hardrace rear camber kit. Mugen Motor mounts + Hasport rear mount. Comptech Lower Tie Bar.

Brakes: StopTech BBK. Feroddo D2500 pads. StopTech rear pads and SS lines.

Wheels: 18 inch Mugen GPs.

Tires: 225/40R18' Michelin Pilot Sport 2s.

Audio: Block off plate.
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engine bay is sick and i like those auto x pix 2
Looks good man! Good job on the car. Did you notice a big increase in getting ITR cams or not really?
Adding the ITR cams, ITR IM, Hondata gasket, and upgraded OE valve train netted 8 whp on the top end and decent gains throughout. It brought me to 208 whp with a stock header, so I was happy about it.
dang, nice car man. You got some clean parts. Any plans for a header soon and re tune? You'd make good power, and since you already have kpro, could be worth the trouble really
I bought a used Mugen header and will be getting it Hi temp coated before installing it and getting a retune.
Very nice.
why so BLUE! cars clean as shyt. interior looks chilly love it sets the car off
yes! Plus 150 ft lbs of torque. Hondata Kpro. DC sports CAI. ITR cams. PRC intake manifold. Hondata IM gasket. Upgraded OE valve train. Mugen twin loop exhaust.

So hopefully the header will unleash some more ponies along with a new tune. I will rebaseline the car before installing the header as the dyno has changed and I want to have the most exact numbers for the comparison.
Autopower installed, re did the Elemental Designs set up (upgraded to the newest 6.5 inch components and replaced the amp) and just ordered a new hood!!!
fuck photobucket
fuck photobucket
noob question, with the b-pillar do u have enough clearance to push your seat back?

oh and your car is coming along really nice
Yes, even with the cage the seat can slide all the way back.
hey my mugen mirror cover is silver haha, thats my concession to breaking up the monotone theme.
fuck photobucket

Present to myself...Mugen GPs!!!!
41 - 60 of 206 Posts
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