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2002 RSX Base.

Ok so, im need of new brakes, and the place where im getting them done(groupon!) has ordered the oem rotors for a base. The problem, at the moment: I have larger aftermarket rotors on the vehicle, and the bolts that are holding the caliper to those rotors, are too long for the oem caliper. (with me so far?).

(So im trying to explain this, so the best of my ability, being that, the fellow whos is doing the install, doesnt speak the best english..)

What he says I will need for my brake install, are the oem bolts that hold the oem caliper to the oem rotor. He says that there are thinner upper bolts(dont need these), and the thicker lower ones. I will need two for each wheel.

Can anyone disseminate this for me? And if so.. where would one locate these bolts? This board has invaluable in these early days of owning an Rsx. thanks guys!!
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