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I'm new to the car world but I would like to get a good start in it. I haven't bought my car yet, but I do know that i will be buying a new 2004 Acura RSX. My problem is that New York City isnt as big a racing community as other places like Miami or Los Angeles and I'm not familiar with any garages or stores in my area that would have the type of parts that I need as well as be able to put them on. If anyone in the New York area has recommendations or knows of any garages/stores in general where I can have work done and purchase parts I would greatly appreciate any information. Also any good websites that you may know of that have products and product information would be greatly appreciated. Even telling me your favorite car tuning magazine would help me out. I would greatly appreciate any information and advice you can give me. This car will be a cosmetic and appearence customization. I am not going to modify the engine for a good amount of time and I need to buy a new car. I dont plan on racing it either. Any help anyone could give me would be greatly apreciated.

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where in NYC?
it's really good to check out the northeast forum and meet fellow rsxers in the NJ/NY areas.
come to the meet sometime even if you have stock/non-aftermarket rsx.
Meet them and talk to them and take notes.
I would be happy to help you with any problems/questions as I far as I know.
I know exactly wat you talking about with NYC driving.
daily driver? harsh roads? alot of traffic.
my advice is to stay stock until u get into accidents.
MY experience is that I stayed stock until I got into a situation where I needed to change my hood, headlights, and front bumper.
I took that opportunity to look for some JDM aftermarket stuff since the price is about same spending on OEM parts.
I got JDM headlights, VIS cf hood, and CW replica bodykit all for the same cost as if I were to replace my broken parts with same Acura dealer parts.
To start off with websites, is good place to buy OEM dealer parts.
for other parts, specifically for aftermarkets stuff, prices vary in places so it's good to ask for what specific part you are looking for. Any clubrsx members would help you out with sites and prices searches.
I have one local shop in woodside, queens I go often for installations/engine check-ups.
I also have a friend in LI who installs any kind of engine parts for low prices.
But since you already mentioned that you wont touch your engine, just letting you know.
For OEM installations and paints, I recently found a good local shop in flushing.

If you have any more questions relating to my post or any other things,
dont hesitate to ask them to me or other members.
The forums are to help fellow rsxers out and to look out for eachothers to ripoffs and problems.

Good day.
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