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Can someone tune my AFR for me please?

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I'm looking to crsx for help!!!! Attached is my calibration and two logs, one for second & one for a third gear pull. My AFR is actually higher than AFRCMD for the majority of the RPM range, but I'm getting a CEL saying the engine is too rich.

Can some one tweak the AF or tell me how to get rid of that CEL? It keeps coming back everytime I clear it.

Forgot my mods: I/RH/E/Kpro/JRSC 9psi pulley maxing out around 6 (06 S)/650 injectors


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Can you post a datalog when you are not in boost? Something where you have gone through gears, and some cruising? You are running way lean, more than 10% lean in second. I don't think boost is where your problem is.

Someone else will probably chime in. If it were me, I would add 10 % to columns 9-13, in both high and low cam. I would also go to parameters>gear comp and add 6% fuel to gear 1 and 3% fuel to gear 2 on the fuel compensation table.

You should go to parameters>lean protection, and enable lean protection 1 and 2. Change lean protection 2 to 12.5-12.6. But if you do that before you fix your lean condition in boost.

You might try posting this in the supercharger chat thread, maybe someone will see it there.

Is 6 psi as high as you get?

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pm mag .. pay him .. be tuned
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