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car got egged!

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ok my friends civic just got egged and we wanted to kno how to get it off, most of it is off but their is left overs with dirt layered on top that is a b-word to come off, any ideas??? ( this may not make the best sense, but its comming from my friends word)...i tried searching, but no luck.. :rolleyes:
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how long has it been sittin on the car? if its over night should come off easily. but if left on the sun, um...... tell ur friend hes screwed. jk clay bar?
it was raw...i havent seen it but he tells me that whats left is the oily shit that is a b-word to come off....i think it happend sometime saturday night (weekend)...i told him goo-gone could take that shit off, but i was just throwin up ideas..anyone else?
just wash it off really good and hope it didnt eat the paint away already
yea thats what i was thinkin too....well thanks for the help dudes!
if that doesnt work, claybar it. then re-wax the area that was claybared.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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