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Someone drove up my rear off a main A road.. I was in the right hand lanel indicating right as I wanted to cross the road and turn into the town.. it was a dual carriage way.

They apologised and said they couldn't stop because of the Ice, which I could understand as it was Icy.

I never got name and address, only the registration number but they did offer.

I was a little shaken up over it and reported it to the insurance company as my husband said I must because of the potential damage to the car.. bumper fine and just scratched but really hard to tell whether they were from the bump then or just there anyways

The tracking is out again (it was only repaired about 5 days before this) but my husband says this cant be because of the car going up my rear end as tracking is only out if you hit something..

Anyways.. if there is a problem with my Car will their insurance pay out? I never reported it to police because the girl was very nice about it and asked me if I was OK etc..

But I only have registration details.

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Did you get her phone number? Call her up and say you need your car to be looked at and go from there. You should always get a police report when an accident occurs. This prevents the other party in trying to change their story later.

If you didn't get a name and phone number. You'll have to find a way to track her down via the registration of the vehicle.

Good Luck.
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