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Car is pulling to the right when applying gas.Need HELP!

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NOT RSX, i am talking about my Winter Beater, 2002 Honda Civic every time i apply gas to my car, the car is pulling to the right..

it feels like the engine is dragging the front of the car to the right when applying gas..

i have to turn the steering wheel a bit to the left to make the car going straight on Acceleration.

However, when i keep the speed steady, the car is going straight, no pulling at all..

so i went to the honda dealer, the guy who works there told me that it's normal because it's a front wheel drive car and it has torque steer

Can anyone tell me what is going on with my car?

the alignment seems to be all right.! so i guess it has nothing to do with the alignment
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Dude at dealership is a retard. Its not normal for a car to pull left or right.
Could be supension, bearings, maybe balance, under inflated tires, tires.
maybe a broken engine mount? can that contribute to behavior like that?
do you floor the gas everywhere you go?
uneven wear tire perhaps. try re-balance those tires
Love the dealer bullshit.

After checking tire pressures to make sure that's not the problem, swap the front tires left to right. If the pull changes direction (which I believe it will), you have a bad tire.

Great thing about beaters is that you then just throw those tires on the back and leave them there, lol...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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