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Car is pulling to the right when applying gas.Need HELP!

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NOT RSX, i am talking about my Winter Beater, 2002 Honda Civic every time i apply gas to my car, the car is pulling to the right..

it feels like the engine is dragging the front of the car to the right when applying gas..

i have to turn the steering wheel a bit to the left to make the car going straight on Acceleration.

However, when i keep the speed steady, the car is going straight, no pulling at all..

so i went to the honda dealer, the guy who works there told me that it's normal because it's a front wheel drive car and it has torque steer

Can anyone tell me what is going on with my car?

the alignment seems to be all right.! so i guess it has nothing to do with the alignment
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uneven wear tire perhaps. try re-balance those tires
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