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I've tried searching and I can't find anything quite the same as my problem. I'm thinking vacuum leak, I tried looking for it with a bottle of starting fluid in the engine bay, nothing. But it's odd, it doesn't really idle roughly, it want to rev up and hold it. When I push in the clutch rpms stay the same as what I shifted from unless it's above 4k then it'll drop to 3.5k and hold it... it won't do it on its own at idle without touching the gas, also to mention it gets bad when car is warm.
Another question I had, did compression test and I got 170,150, 165, 165. Just wondering if this is okay? Cylinder 2 seem low? Would love any feedback. Car is 05 rsx k24a2 swap with ktuner end user, I currently do not have access to a computer to see exactly what may be going on.
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